Opoeteren is often referred to as “the pearl at the crown of green Maaseik”. The Oetervalley can best be appreciated here. The buckwheatmill, the Saint-Dyonisiuschurch and the Blueberry Square transform Opoeteren into a beautiful village.

From the Oetervally, located on the edge of a beautiful natural park, you can discover the region with direct connections to the cycling tracks of Kempen and Maasland. Hikers and cyclists can extensively use the marked hiking and cycling paths in the forests

Alongside the Bosbeek (also called the Oeter) 12 watermills can be found.

Or you can visit the “Wouterbron” nearby, an open air, fully natural swimming pool where you can enjoy a refreshing plunge in the water.

Fishermen can go fishing in the trout ponds “Bergeinde” or “Flamingo”.

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